All other repairs costs are quoted upon inspection of the vehicle.
Repair Prices


Prices Begin at $400.00

Prices Begin at $400.00
All car repairs are
completed and
supervised by a
Certified Master
Computer diagnostics and repair inspections are always FREE!
  • Air Conditioning Recharge Only - all other Air
    Conditioning Services are additional charges
  • Brakes - Labor Only (Front or Rear, Additional
    Charge for Rotors if needed)
  • Engine Replacement - Remove and Install (doesn't
    include cost for engine)
  • Transmission Replacement (doesn't include cost
    for transmission)
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Phone: 937-271-3648
  • Radiator Check and Flush - A radiator is dirty after constantly heating up in the summer. Radiator
    Flush includes drain and replace antifreeze
  • Fluid Check - Includes a check of the following fluids: Brake and Power Steering Oil, Wiper, and
  • Safety Check - Includes a Check of the following items: Brakes, Freeze Level, Belt Wear
  • Wash and Wax - Get that dirt and Grime off.
We don't just sell used cars, we also provide car and truck repairs.
Winter Special
Winter Special Includes:
All Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax
Request for filling or replacing any fluid or item
other than antifreeze will incur extra charge.
We have the
hourly shop
rate around.
Only $72.50.
The work is
cheap, but the
quality isn't.
No repair job
is too big or
too small.